Lorra Lee Rose creates her human figures in a painstaking process that can take up to three months to complete. She builds a papier mache form from a live body cast or a high-quality mannequin and applies carefully selected feathers, some of which she has been collecting and saving for years before there are enough to develop a pattern for these life-size sculptures.

Her masks are also built on a papier mache base, formed from molds of the face of Lorra Lee's husband.

Crystals form the base for smaller pieces. Many people attribute healing properties to crystals, and Lorra Lee considers these qualities when creating each piece, which enhances the sense of magic and sacredness in these artworks.

The backs of human figures and masks are wrapped in velveteen for a finished look. Bodies have a wire for secure hanging across the back. Masks have a loop for hanging and ties for wearing. Crystals also come with a loop for easy hanging. For care of all feather art, simply dust with a feather duster.

photography by Jon Wilhelmsen web design meantimespress.com